November 2011

NameCheap Sucks

November 17, 2011

NameCheap Sucks NameCheap is the worst possible domain registrar. They are completely incompetent and offer ZERO useable tech support. Their tech support people are rude idiots, monkeys could do a better job. If you are thinking about using NameCheap you might want to think again. What kind of company doesn’t even have telephone numbers available […]

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Xomba Sucks the Big Donkey

November 8, 2011

Xomba Sucks Don’t waste your time with these self righteous idiots. The interface is horrible. You can link to nothing.  Total Waste of time. It’s all about them, and they offer you nothing useful to help you create content. Xomba Sucks the Big Donkey If you think you can make money writing on their site […]

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