Internet Marketing IQ – Simplified Online Marketing Education

To be successful with Affiliate Marketing you need to learn:
1. How to manage you time
2. Leverage the power of software
3. Create an effective marketing plan.

Without these 3 elements success is very difficult. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and what software to help you do it is essential. This is where Internet Marketing IQ can really help you build a solid foundation for your own Online Success.

You might be on a number of lists from supposed Guru’s… which continually send you an email for this program or that program, often claiming how much money you can make. But the truth of the matter is most of those programs will not make you money at all… they only make money for the guy sending out the mails if you buy! Don’t fall for this trap. There is only one way to make money as an affiliate.

And here is how: Figure out who you customer is and what problems they have. Where do they go online to find solutions to those problems? What keywords do they use to find those sites? Then once you do that you put yourself and your offer in those places. This is where software comes in – you’ll need it to build your sites, do your keyword research, and manage your linking campaigns. You’ll also need to learn how to find Affiliate Program Opportunities that you can offer to your visitors.

Now I’m about to tell you something you might find offensive at first until you realize the fundamental concept of TRUTH it represents. Nobody cares if you succeed online, but you! So if you want to succeed you have to take action! Learn the basics then get to work. You have to dig in and take action, if you make mistakes that’s fine, you learn and you get better. You are now the boss and it’s totally up to you!

I don’t teach tips or tricks or short cuts. Why? Because they don’t work. This years eBook is next years free giveaway. What remains consistent in Affiliate Marketing are Business Principals – Strategy, Planning, Executing a Business Plan. Miss these fundamental principals and your online ventures will fail.

Here is how the typical “Guru” Make Money Online marketing plan works. Create a site. Sign up for aWeber. Capture Emails. Start sending out offers to everyone who is signed up. Hope they buy something. Keep pitching the new stuff as the “next coming of internet marketing”. And if they are any good at it they hire a graphics designer to create their site, and then work on the Ad Copy.

What you quickly learn is that they are not doing anything other than selling the dream. Most of these guys are not actually doing anything else. The few that are would never tell you about their other projects. That would be stupid!

Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Everyone can’t make money pitching the same old stuff the the same old people. You’re plan needs to focus on your strengths and “core competencies”… leveraged for the benefit of your visitors.

If you want to make money online – real money online you need a plan. Internet Marketing IQ helps you create your plan. I help you find the software tools and proven strategies to push your business forward. This doesn’t happen over night.

I run a network of real world websites selling real world products and services. Don’t get caught up in thinking that everyone online is trying to make money. They are not! 99% of Internet Users are NOT trying to make money online. They are socializing, downloading music, researching interests, and then moving on. These are the people you want to target!

Internet Marketing IQ is the result of years – starting clear back in 1995 with “Internet in a Box” – of trial and error. I am always amused when people who have a little success after a few months online are suddenly “experts” ready to teach the world the tricks, tips, and secrets of the Online Marketing Business.

Can I share a very simple fact with you… there are no tricks, tips, or secrets that are going to have you racing to the beach while your bank account is stuffed full of cash.

Internet Marketing is a business. If you do not take the time to properly structure the foundation of your online business you’ll fail. Marketing is one part of the overall success equation.

What you’ll learn here is simple – you’ll learn about software tools and strategy to enhance and grow your online presence.