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The Easiest Affiliate Networks to Join for New Online Marketers

Are you the type of person who has a lot of ambition and desire, but doesn’t know exactly how to get started as an Affiliate Marketer? Then this page is for you. These companies are the easiest for new Online Marketers to join. So if you don’t know where to start or “how to” find affiliate programs this is the place for you. There are several more Affiliate Networks you can join, bet these are the easiest to get accepted into when you are new.

Max Bounty

FACTS: By far the easiest way to get started. Choose from 50-100 current offers. MaxBounty is a CPA (Cost Per Action) Network Company. What this means is you get paid when a customer takes an action on an offer. In simpler terms this can mean anything from inserting a ZIP Code, an email address, or making a purchase. Offers include things like Personals/Dating, Surveys, Free Giveaways, Coupons, Free Trials, Ringtones, etc.


FACTS: LinkShare is a professional big time company. You MUST have a professional looking website before you join; however it’s easier to join than Commission Junction. No one should try and join Commission Junction until they have some experience, because they are very quick to close out non performing accounts. Linkshare on the other hand is much more tolerant of lower performing accounts. Linkshare offers a huge selection of quality merchants from a variety of industries – Automotive, Financial Services, Health and Beauty, Games and Toys, etc. You should be able to find programs from almost any viable niche.

Make Money Online


FACTS: First I am going to tell you a very simple “Trick” to make yourself lots of money! MoreNiche pays big commissions to people to promote their products directly by referral. What this means is simple. Sign up for MoreNiche then go get the code to promote the MoreNiche Brand. You make a quick $20 for everyone you can sign up. This is an easy program to promote in Forums and Blog posts, but you have to join first. Then take a hard look at the products they offer and see if they fit your own sites. The product line is mostly Casino/Adult/Health related. I have a dedicated post in this same category to MoreNiche you may want to read.

PepperJam Network

FACTS: PepperJam is growing faster than any other Affiliate Network Company. Each day new advertisers are coming on board. PepperJam will also pay you to recruit new affiliates, but not as much as MoreNiche. PepperJam has a lot of clothing and consumer/retail offers. Pepperjam also has an excellent selection of “cut and paste” banner advertisements for the new marketer.

Affiliate Program

Adbrite (Assets purched by SiteScout)

FACTS: Adbrite assets have been purchased by SiteScout. I am not currently a SiteScout Member/Affiliate so I can make no real comments on this company at this time.


Webmaster Sign Up: Shareasale

FACTS: Established in 2000, Shareasale began on the premise that they could provide any merchant – large or small – with high quality, reliable tracking software – at a lower cost than the industry norm – with the added benefit of being plugged into a large network of quality affiliate sites. ShareaSale is a good network for Affiliate interested in smaller niches and working with small businesses. While Commission Junction and LinkShare go after the big boys like American Express and Netflix, shareasale focuses on the smaller business which when appropriately applied can be extremely profitable. Don’t overlook Shareasale there are some real gems hiding within the ShareaSale etwork!


Webmaster Sign Up: ClickBank

FACTS: Well this is both opinion and fact so here goes.  ClickBank… love em or hate em.  Yes there is a whole lot of Crap within the 10,000 digital products you can promote. Finding the true opportunities will make the difference between your success or failure.  Take the time to read everything you can on the site so you understand the ins and outs before you jump in and start promoting. Be aware that ClickBank isn’t exactly a secret site… pretty much everyone in the Industry is promoting somehing from ClickBank so you’ll have your work cut out for you.  The Top Products are heavily promoted.  Find you niche!

Commission Junction

CJ is a very solid network, I promote my share of CJ Affiliate Programs, but they are not the best place to start.  You want to have a fully developed site/blog and some traffic before you sign up.  There is no point in signing up until you are ready.  They may not accept you, and even if they do you may have your account terminated if you don’t start producing quickly.

Tip: The Best Affiliate Program isn’t always buried within a network. Many companies run their own operations.  It’s up to you to find the products and services that match your niche.

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