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Unlocking the “Secrets” to Making Easy Money with HubPages

Take the HubPages Tour

When I first signed up about a year and a half ago I simply had no idea how powerful HubPages was going to become in my affiliate marketing plans. I didn’t know how to properly leverage this amazing free tool I focused totally on using HubPages to promote my existing sites – big mistake! My Hub Score didn’t climb and I didn’t make much money.

Then I started reading about how many people were making money, real money, from their Hubs. I had been article marketing and giving away all the Adsense Clicks to the Article Directories for free! Dumb! So I changed my focus from using HubPages as just another linking tool and began writing content specifically for my Hubs. And something amazing happened. The Adsense money started flowing in! Then I added Amazon and eBay and Kontera… more revenue streams!

If you can write simple articles you can make money with HubPages! In my experience you can make as much as $1,000 a month from 300 quality articles! I can help you “do it right”… keep reading to learn more.

You Already Know the Three simple steps to making money online. You need Content, Traffic (Visitors), and an Affiliate Offer to make money. That’s formula. Your content MUST appeal to the true intentions of your visitors to make the sale! You know this of course.

1-2-3 :  Content + Traffic + Compelling Affiliate Offer = $$ MONEY $$

  1. Your ability to create fresh unique content is where you should be spending at least half of your time.  Copying other peoples work is a dead end!
  2. Your ability to create traffic however can be made a whole lot easier by automatically leveraging the High Authority of HubPages
  3. Your ability to find affiliate offers is also very easy with HubPages – they have spent a lot of money analyzing where to place advertisements, which is done for you! No Guess work!

You don’t need to spend one dime to join HubPages. You don’t need HTML or Marketing Skills. HubPages is such a great opportunity because it frees up your time to focus on marketing and content creation. You need ambition and the ability to write simple 250-500 word articles.  And of course you’ll need to sign up and get started.  But before you sign up take the HubPages Tour (It only takes a few minutes) to see what it’s all about.

Publishing articles on HubPages is completely compatible with all your affiliate maketing plans. You can even link to your other sites (Be very careful how you do this or you will never raise your HubScore).  Do it right and it’s easy money! And the best part is it is totally FREE.  You pay for nothing!  You don’t need to design anything, you don’t need any special skills.  All you need to do is pick topics and write! This is way better than Article Marketing.  Why?  Because it is Article Marketing… except instead of letting the Article Directory get all the money for your work… HubPages splits the profits with you!  No Article Directory I know of gives you profit sharing.

Step – By – Step Path to Earning More with HubPages!

  1. Take the tour so you know how HubPages works.  Then sign up.
  2. Publish 5 Original Hubs before you worry about Affiliate Offers
  3. Participate in Hub Forums and Join other peoples Fan List

To become a fan of a person all you need to do is look at one of their hubs then in the upper right navigation column click on “Follow -persons username-“.

By participating in the Hub Forums, and following people or answering questions you raise your “Hub Score”… and getting a higher score is very important.  It’s based on your own Hubs and your participation.  The reason it’s important is this.  After you reach a score of 70 people will begin to respect you and follow you.  This means more TRAFFIC.  But even more important is after your individual Hubs reach a score of 75 the links you place in your hubs become dofollow.  This is why you do not want to put any affiliate links in your hubs until they are scoring high.

After you have 5 Hubs go ahead and apply for an Adsense Account, and an Amazon Account.  Do not apply for eBay until you have at least 30 hubs.  eBay is harder to get into.

Hot Tip: How to Make 2-10x Money $$ with HubPages

  1. HubPages has a lot of respect in the eyes of Google… if you pick highly targeted “long-tail” keyword phrases your HubPage Articles will rank very high automatically.  Sure it still helps to create backlinks to your articles, but even if you don’t you’ll still get traffic.
  2. HubPages has spent a lot of time and money optimizing Ad Placement.  Adsense Ads will automatically be placed in the best locations on your page.  No worries!
  3. HubPages gives you specific directions on how to sign up for Adsense, Amazon, eBay and even Kontera!

The secret is to have a very high hub score, to utilize long tail very specific keyword phrases in your Hub Titles, and to NOT add any affiliate links in your hubs until they are already well commented and scoring high.

Let your hubs “season” or “age”.  Get them scoring high.  Once Your Hubs are scoring high then go back and add Amazon and/or eBay modules.  Trust me on this one… I know what I’m doing… I had a HubScore over 90 in less than a month!  If you add a bunch of affiliate links early no one will vote your Hubs up and you won’t make very much money.  If you wait and add them after your hub scores climb you won’t have any problems. It’s human nature to vote down affiliate pages.

Focus your efforts on PRODUCTS!!!  Write about your blender, your iPod, your car, etc.  Do not write about Religion, Politics, or things that can make people want to vote your hubs down. That’s how you make money.  Give people what they want.

Feel free to contact me here if you need any help along the way… just use the contact tab above.

Good luck!