GoDaddy Domain Transfer Customer Service FAILURE

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GoDaddy sucks the BIG DONKEY.  Always trying to up sell you, annoying interface, and outrageous charges for privacy.  I would only recommend them to LARGE COMPANIES who have the extra cash, because they are secure and offer phone support.  For everyone else the very best choice is NAME SILO.

I’m a long time GoDaddy customer.  While I do not use them for anything but Registrations, my prior experience with GoDaddy has been positive… until I recently tried moving a block of domains from another registrar.

I cut and pasted my bulk transfer into the GoDaddy interface (Which is very cluttered and not very intuitive) and began my transfer.  I dropped a $200+ on this transfer which is nothing in the overall scheme of things (1 in 4 domains is registered by GoDaddy) and then the miserable nightmare began.

The GoDaddy interface would not let me add privacy registration.  I clicked on the Radio button for each domain name and got an error about how they could not add privacy because they could not calculate a date.  Interesting because they had no problem calculating a date for the Transfers themselves.  Anyway, chalking this up to a “glitch” I created a help ticket and waited.  2 and a half hours later I got my reply.  They had “fixed” the problem and I logged back in and everything was showing up now.

On to the process of inputting the codes that GoDaddy had mailed me.  Because I have a mix of .com, .org, .net and the GoDaddy system had automatically grouped these domains as “bulk” in their backend I had several of these codes to enter.  No problem, I cut and pasted them in.  Then I entered in all the EPP codes one at a time… they I waited… NOTHING.  Nothing at all.  Then the error message.  Nothing had been completed.

So I did it all over again.  Same process, cut and paste then one at a time cut and paste all the EPP codes.  Same thing NOTHING.  Ridiculous.  The GoDaddy interface FORCES one to cut and paste each individual code into the appropriate field, but if every single code is not entered it will go no further.  Thus you have to put ALL of the codes in before you can attempt the entry.  If you leave one code out it errors out.  And there is no way around this because GoDaddy groups them all together on the back end.

So I write yet another email to the support people.  Their response was dismal.  They told me to clear my cache.  Brilliant!  I wish I had thought of that.  That is the equivalent of Microsoft saying Reboot your computer.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Failure which is on THEIR END.  But the $10 an hour desk jockeys on the other end are not really tech support people they are just there to spit back the same PR Bullshit friendly, but non-helpful dribble you would get if you were talking to any other idiot on the street.

Bottom line is GoDaddy failed because their software was not working and they were not interested in finding out “why” it was not working.  So I had to cancel the transfer… by clicking you guessed it 1 check box at a time for each of the domains.  Then I had to request a refund.  Then I waited for the refund to be processed.

Brilliant Customer Service!

In any case I created and account at NameSilo, cheaper prices, simple interface and no problems.  Apparently GoDaddy has too much business and doesn’t need mine.  NameSilo is also in Phoenix, AZ.  NameSilo only does Domain Registrations, no hosting or other services.  But they do offer FREE Domain Privacy service and the ICANN fees included in the prices shown on the website.  So no surprises down the road, no gimmicks, no coupons to chase after.  They started business in 2010. We’ll see how it goes.

Lesson learned.

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