I Want to Be the CEO But I Have No Experience

by Internet Marketing IQ on

It’s Retarded how Many People Pick “Make Money Online” as a Start Niche

People that have never made any money, telling other people how to make money.  Oxymoronic! Moronic.  Retarded.

If there are 10 fish in the pond, and 100 fisherman is that a good ratio for you? And what if the other 99 are experienced fishermen? And even if you are lucky enough to catch one of those fish, it leaves very little opportunity.

The point is to find a market where there is more opportunity. Find a market you know something about.  The world is full of products and services.  You need to find something you know something about so you can write convincing, compelling, ad copy.

How can you tell people how to make money, if you have never made money? How can you tell people what to do, if you have never done it? How do you know what works, until you have tried it?

Over and over and over…. the biggest mistake first timers make is picking the Wrong Niche.

Picking the wrong niche is like you playing 1-on-1 with Kobe Bryant for money! The first thing you have to do is practice, practice, practice. Then if you have a natural talent and you gain experience you can work your way into more competitive niches successful. And if you don’t have natural talent, then all the practice won’t help that much, but at least you’ll know it! Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

CEO’s don’t start at the top.

Pick something you know about, that has a sustainable market, and get some experience.

If you are smart then you’ll understand why you don’t pick Make Money Online as a Niche to get your feet wet. If you are not, then … well then you’re an idiot that can’t be helped. So go prove me wrong… you’ll sure show me. And in the meantime I’ll be working on projects that actually make money because I “get it”.

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