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Update: Jan 2011 – I’m swamped and can not currently take on any more projects. Thanks

Are you interested in hiring an Internet Marketing Specialist?  You could do an online search and try to outsource from a company that you have never heard of before.  You could call a recruiting company and use them to find someone that has credentials that appeal to your company.   You could run an advertisement in the local Newspaper for an Internet Marketing Specialist.  But how would you know that the person you are hiring has any real experience.

Many people talk the talk but few walk the walk.  You don’t need a business degree, a computer science degree or any degree for that matter to be successful online.  Many of the most successful online marketing specialists have no educational credentials.  What is far more important is a proven track record of success and that is typically measured in income.

You see money is the ultimate measure of just how good an individual is at taking an ordinary business idea and pushing it to the top online.  While having an educational background may help, it’s no assurance that it will bring the results you or your company are looking to achieve.

So when you think of hiring an Internet Marketing Specialist don’t overlook the value of experience.  I’m available for certain projects on a piecemeal basis.  The advantage to you is 15 years real online experience.  You won’t need to provide any benefits or create a payroll.  Work will be completed online and on time!  My areas of expertise are:

WordPress Installation and Set up.

WordPress Maintenance.

SEO Site Consulting

Article writing and distribution.

Keyword Research and Campaigns.

Local Search Optimization

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