IP Block: Blacklist Spam

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Block Spam, Hackers, and Cheats by Banning Their IP Address

You probably have never thought about blocking visitors to your site because you want visitors right?  Wrong!  You want Targeted Visitors to your site.  It does you no good to have people visiting your site who are NEVER going to buy anything. It can actually hurt you!

Another advantage of blocking IP’s/Countries/People is you can save your self the headache of a lot of hacking attempts.

It all comes down to knowing your market and knowing who is able to buy from you.  This extends to Adsense as well.  There is no point displaying offers to people who are not able to buy.  It just lowers your quality score.

You can also block known proxy servers.  People visiting your site through proxy will almost never make you any money.

Here is the code you add to your .htaccess file (Apache Servers not Windows Servers).

order allow,deny
deny from 192.168.
deny from 10.0.0.
allow from all

Put the IP address that you want to block between the “order allow, deny” and “allow from all”. You can block as many as you want.

Now for the cool part. Where you get your lists of IP’s to block by country.

Block a Country IP Blocking Service

That’s it, select the country you want and then they will generate the list. Cool! And it’s a free service. So link back to them. This is exactly the kind of site wee need more of!

If you would like to learn more about IP Blocking please visit: Blamcast IP Blocking Article

Here is another service you can use free (Although the site is chock full of Adsense Ads).  Country IP Block

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