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My Current Thinking on Directory Submission

Directory submission should be only a small part of your SEO Campaigns. Why?  Because there are only a few general directories that are able to send you real link love.  Most directories are just link dumps.  And while a link is a link, it only matters if it gets crawled.

Most people focus on Google and in my thinking if you are doing Directory Submissions solely to rank in Google you are probably wasting time going after anything more then the top Directories in your Selective Niche and it takes a long time to submit and wait for a response.  And the directories that can help you in Google typically have annually recurring fees.  So you’ll need to be selective.  Your link building strategy should always focus on quality and delivering real targeted traffic not just SEO.

The flip side to this is that Google is not the only player.  Sure they have the most search volume, but they are not exclusive. And directory links as long as they are crawled may help you in other Search Engines.  The “trick” if there is one is to automate and not over do it.  If you are a small marketer you don’t want you link ratio to include a disproportionate number of Directory Links.  And you should take the time to make sure that your Directory Titles and Descriptions provide Highly Relevant and Useful information to the categories in which you submit.

I have tested mass submission services and they almost never bring in enough traffic to justify even the minimal cost of participation.

Having said that if you are interested in mass directory submissions…. I’d suggest you keep reading on how to automate the process.

Free, Fast, Powerful, Easy-to-Use One Way Link Building

Free directory submission software is absolutely the best SEO technique because it allows you optimize your new and existing websites as frequently as you would like and doesn’t cost your anything. It really is free the only catch is you can only submit to a limited number of Directories with the free version. Don’t worry about that you can still submit to more than 100 for free and just a few minutes of your time.

Why Submit Your Website to Directories?

Because it is an easy way to generate targeted, consistent traffic to your web site every day. And you don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself to make it happen! Whether you created a new web site that you want to promote, or you want to give more exposure to a long living web site, link directories are valuable means of increasing your link popularity, Google page rank, traffic and overall online presence. Thus, more visitors coming to your web site and more online sales. We recommend link directories as the general concept of the link building strategy for your new website or the website you would like to give more exposure to. What you can expect from submitting your website to link directories:

  • Higher Website Rankings in Search Engines Higher the search engine ranks your website for its related search terms, more free traffic your web site will receive. To have your website on the first page for your related keywords, you need a good supporting link structure. This is what the directories can do.
  • Direct Traffic to Your Website Maybe the general directories are not as popular with Internet browsers as they were before, but niche and local directories are widely used as a source of finding information, products and services. As well as assisting your search engine rankings these directories will have the additional benefit of channeling targeted traffic directly to your website.
  • Increase Your Website Branding More your website is seen, more it is remembered and used. People will remember your website name and one day potential customers can turn into the existing and most faithful purchasers.
  • Links from Related Sites Other webmasters often use links directories to find suitable link partners. Links from related sites will have a similar effect as links from directories – they will assist your search engine rankings, provide a direct source of traffic, increase your branding and again increase your exposure to other webmasters.

Here is how it works:

  1. Click on Create and Account and fill in
  2. Click Add Campaing and fill in your site information
  3. Click on Express Submit or Manual Submit
  4. Repeat the Process.
  5. Focus on 10 to 15 new listings a day; which should take just a few minutes

It really is that simple. If your site is new be sure not to submit too many listings too fast when using any one strategy (How much is too much?  Good Question – I’d say more than 30 of any one type per day).  It’s my own personal belief this only applies to sites less than 6 months old and only to sites Google does not yet consider to be authoritative. I do not believe a seasoned site that is already receiving ranking in Google has anything to worry about. After all large sites can acquire 1,000’s of links from a single news release.

I believe your strategy should be more about the link source, the age of your site, and not getting tripped up in a Google Filter, not just the actual number of links. It’s all about what Google refers to as “Natural Links”.

What I don’t want is for people read this and Say Internet Marketing IQ says that you shouldn’t get too many links at once, and this other site says… bullshit. If you read this and draw that conclusion you are totally missing the point.  What I’m saying is diversify, and if you are new and not diversified don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Develop a strategy that gets you links from directories, blogs, forums, news releases, social sites, etc.  You want a MIX of links and you want them from sites that people are visiting.  That simple!

Besides making your link building efforts a bore, too many listings to Google at once will send up a red flag. I know this flys in the face of logic, and it may or may not be relevant (After all how many of these directories will be crawled by Google each day and will Google really see and single out your new site?). It’s just a good strategy to work on. Consistency is the key.

Web directories. Directory submission is one of the best ways to get natural quality links for your website. The more directories you list your website with, the more inbound links you have. The easiest and quickest way to submit the site to web directories is to use a directory submitter tool. Directory submission software already has a large database of directories included within the program and automates the process of site submission. So, it is also the more time saving method of link building because you don’t waste your time by searching the Internet for themed directories. You can find many companies offering fast, easy and free directory submission software on the Internet. Conduct a search for “Directory Submitter” or “Link Directory Submitter” in Google, Yahoo or MSN and you will find many websites that offer these types of programs.

How Do you Choose a Directory to Submit Your Website To?

If you created a website and wish to submit it to link directories, analyze the following factors before submitting your link because not all the directories are worth to submit to, especially if you are placing a reciprocal link or pay a submission fee. Evaluate the link directory from these sides:

  • Directory page rank You’ll want PR 4 or higher. But when the submission is free and doesn’t require a reciprocal link exchange, then you may submit to a directory with a lower PR especially if this is a highly related niche directory which has a lot of very targeted traffic.
  • Directory link popularity Good directories care about increasing their links value which in turn increases their attraction to webmasters. Fast Directory Submitter will help you analyze the link popularity of a directory (and any other website).
  • PR of the page your website will be placed on If the home page has a high PR, it doesn’t always mean that particular pages of the directory will also have a good PR. You’ll want to check the page where your link will appear for PR value.
  • Number of links on each page Less links on the page is better. Because the more links the page has, the more watered down your link will be.
  • Category your link will appear in The more relevant to your niche and more closer to the home page category the better. You don’t want to be 6 steps from the home page.

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Internet Marketing IQ August 13, 2009 at 10:44 am

I reverse engineer directory links all the time with SEO Elite.

James August 14, 2009 at 3:49 am

If you know what you’re doing then you can reverse engineer and SEO Elite is obviously a godsend if that’s what your doing. I guess what I was saying is that bulk submissions (hundreds or thousands) help to mask your good links to *some* extent. A determined SEO can find anything with the right tools and a bit of patience!

Internet Marketing IQ August 14, 2009 at 10:32 am

Unfortunately there are only a couple hundred directories total that are even worth being listed in based on your niche. And in my opinion the real number of worthwhile general Directories is closer to 10. Mass submission doesn’t work and you can’t mask anything from Google or Bing, they can crawl a link then their is no “masking” going on. In fact what you do is you tell them your site is junk because the ratio of junk links to quality links becomes skewed.

Directories are only worthwhile if the link you have from the Directory is on a page the Search Engine considers relevant. So there is really no point going after links from directories that are not popular for SEO purposes. Now there is merit in getting links from Targeted/Related directories for the purpose of generating actual traffic. But who actually uses directories? Load up Google Analytics and check for yourself. I have Yahoo Directory listings, and they are the “Big Boys” yet they still send me at most a trickle of traffic.

I also own a pretty high ranking directory in a popular niche and it’s very tough to get people to participate… even though it’s free. Lots of people asking for links, but not even smart enough to realize all they have to do is click and fill out the information themselves. Very few people every profit much from Directory sites.

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