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Discover Exactly “How-To” Make More Money by Cloaking Your Links

Website: Perry Wolf’s Affiliate Link Cloaker

Why You Should Buy this Software Today

Here is a simple fact: Most Affiliate Program Managers are LAZY! It’s just another 9-5 boring grind it out job they don’t really like. As long as the Affiliates are making sales for them they can sit on their ass and draw their pathetic salary. So why should you care?

Because they are the people responsible for creating the lnking codes and banners! And to be perfectly honest they almost always SUCK!

You should be creating your own Text Links and Banners (I don’t use many banners because they are not as effective as text).

Link directly to the PRODUCT and CASH IN!

And do you know how to do that? Do you know EXACTLY how to include YOUR AFFILIATE CODE into a link that goes directly to a product? Keep reading as I’m about to tell you, but first I want to give you and example of why this is such a powerful strategy!

Lets use the Vitamin Niche as an example. Most Vitamin Affiliate programs have a few decent banners and a few text links, and 1.000’s of products. So you send your customer off through your generic link (The link the program provides) to the Vitamin Home page. And then your customer has to weed through all the navigation and all the brands to find what they need. And it’s not always an easy task. Why would you want to do that to your customer? You don’t!

Here is what you want to do. Send your customer directly to the products you are pre-selling on your website. If you just pre sold your customer on Norwegian Cod Liver Oil – don’t make them search the Vitamin Site – send them directly to the Fish Oil Category, or better yet send them to the Ordering Page for the Exact Product you are recommending.

Now for the easy part. With the Link Cloaking Software I am recommending here (And the ONLY link Cloaker I actually use) it’s easy.

So easy in fact all you have to do is this:

1. Cut and Paste Your Generic Affiliate Link Code into the Cloaking Software Affiliate Field

2. Navigate to the Product page on the Affiliate Site and copy the URL for that product

3. Paste the URL you just copied into the Cloaking Software Product Page Field

Save and upload. Then link directly to the new page you just created. Fast, Simple, Easy!

You may be losing 70-80% of Your Commissions!

Your Visitors using Internet Explorer may have their security settings set to block all third party cookies. This means if the web page in the Frame doesn’t share the same domain name as the web site showing in the browser’s address bar, IE will block any cookies from being set by the page in the Frame. That’s bad news for any Link Cloaking software that relies solely on Frames (Most Link Cloakers actually work this way). Internet Explorer is the web browser used by over 70% of all web surfers, so cloaking software using framing techniques may result in a loss of over 70% of your commissions!

Think about what you’ve just read above – read it again if you must. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided to make sure YOU DON’T GET PAID if you redirect your affiliate links using any kind of redirect script that encodes ordinary FRAMES.

Don’t buy into yesterdays technology – almost every Affiliate Link Cloaking script uses OLD TECHNOLOGY that is actually BLOCKING YOUR PROFITS! Because so many new webmasters are unaware of the technical side of this problem, and many people are still selling old useless cloaking software people are being cheated out of commissions they should be making!

And it’s not just Microsoft (Firefox does not block these cookies by default) it’s all the auto install tool bars, the Norton, McAfee etc., security packages. Now throw in the stealth Adware programs and it’s a wonder affiliates make money at all. Who is blocking your links?

Imagine working so hard to make your site, persuading your customer to visit your affiliate link, only to have the cookie (The sole means of your getting your commission) turned off by default! Wouldn’t that make you angry?

People can turn off cookies or change security settings on their own having the same effect as hijacking your links, but the average guy doesn’t do that (And those are your customers!). You MUST protect yourself from ALL the possible threats to your affiliate cookies!


If you are going to redirect your affiliate links use the software above or learn how to use .htaccess redirects. Keep reading for information on why you may not want to cloak your links at all.

Pros and Cons to Cloaking Links

Strategy 1. Leaving Your Links “Bare” – Do not use an affiliate redirect scripting package and take your chances that your visitors will not recognize your links as affiliate links.

Pros: You have actual affiliate links – not framed links so they won’t be automatically blocked by most software. Your links should load faster than redirected links.

Cons: Your links are exposed to all kinds of malicious programs, plus most people who see a coded affiliate link see this as a “Flag” and will do everything they can to avoid purchasing through those links. It’s human nature to not only want a good deal, but to think you got the best deal because you somehow cut out the middleman. Most of your visitors don’t realize that there are multiple middlemen in all industries and cutting them out doesn’t mean lower prices, it means lower service. The products you are selling are not going to cost any less if they buy outside of your links, the owner will simply be making more.

Strategy 2. Use a script that is written by someone who is not only an Affiliate Marketer themselves, but a programmer who is knows the “tricks of the trade” and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of exposed links.

Website: Perry Wolf’s Affiliate Link Cloaker

Pros: It’s the only available solution I know of the “non-programmer” can quickly and easily use to protect their commissions. This is software that does not require a technical degree to implement on your sites. Just one “saved” sale will typically pay for the cost of the program and it includes lifetime (I know I know) free updates… as the technology changes the software will be up to date.

Cons: If people want to block cookies intentionally there is simply nothing you can do if your affiliate code only relies on cookies (Which is the case for most affiliate linking code). This happens and it sucks, but it’s a cost of doing business. Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone.

FACT: I have purchased and used a number of link cloaking packages over the years and I have lost more money from KILLED COOKIES than you will probably make in your Affiliate marketing career. I sell products I have tested and use in my own online businesses. This works.

FACT: Do you think the Affiliate Managers are going to tell you if they get sales from Affiliates and can not track them? Of course not; it’s more profit to them.

FACT: I don’t know everything, I have not tested every piece of software “0ut There”… so there may be other products that work. I can only tell you what I know works. And yes there are many sites I own that I do actually leave my code “Bare”. The above software uses an advanced framing techique that will increase your chances of making more money, but is still not foolproof. Nothing is 100% foolproof.


Note: If you are using WordPress there is another tool that works great, but it costs 3x as much.  I’ll cover it in a different post.

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