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If you are smart you’ll leave a comment related to the article. And nothing like “Great Blog… good information”.  Those are not relevant and will still be deleted.

People who take the time to leave intelligent comments will be rewarded as all links are set to DOFOLLOW.  So you can either waste your time and mine by leaving crap which will be deleted or you will leave a comment relevant to the article and be rewarded.  It’s just that simple.

Below are some very simple suggestions for making your comments stick!

How to Benefit Yourself By Commenting Intelligently

Imagine this… How would you feel if a person were handing out $100 bills to a group of people on the street and you happened to be walking by.  This person shouts out they have 50 more $100 bills to hand out but there are already 100 people in line ahead of you?

What would you do? Would you cut to the front of the line, would you walk away, would you be frustrated? What would you do?

You would probably feel like you had “Missed Out”… and that would probably ruin the better part of the rest of your day right? But why? You didn’t miss anything. Because you didn’t lose anything! Think about it. Gain or Loss has to always be framed within context.

If you don’t create value, then shouldn’t expect value in return. You don’t want Spam Comments on your site do you?  So why would you attempt to leave them here?

Get FREE LINKLUV to Your Site

If you want to get your FREE LINKLUV here the length of the line doesn’t matter… everybody who wants LINKLUV and have it… within context.  All worthy sites are invited to contribute, discuss, learn and share.

All you have to do is give a little something of value! You are already here – MAKE YOUR COMMENT COUNT! And you do that by leaving an INTELLIGENT USEFUL COMMENT that contributes to the discussion.

Go Ahead and Use Your Keywords In Your Comments

Put your keywords in the Name Field. Link back to your Home Page or Deep Link. I don’t care! It makes zero difference to me if Your outgoing link says Internet Marketing Super Star or Betty Smith. Why? Because it’s still an outgoing link. And yes it’s automatically nofollowed by WordPress… but you shouldn’t care about that… it’s a good thing. It keeps the people who don’t understand how nofollow works at bay.

Please don’t put URL’s in the comment body, put them in the Name Field then I won’t have to deal with broken links.

Comments are Moderated and the Following Will Be Deleted

  • Comments that lack intelligence or are irrelevant to the Post Topic
  • Comments that are inappropriate.
  • Sex sites, pharmacy, and casinos.
  • Masked/cloaked/redirected/shortened affiliate links.
  • Spammy looking comments

I wasn’t born yesterday… I’ve been at this since 1995… I know most of the tricks

Most of you are promoting real products and real services, I want you to succeed. You are most likely not in competition with me. So go ahead and link your comments with you keywords. I want you to benefit from your time in commenting.

If your intent is to use Internet Marketing IQ as your own personal selfish link dump then you are probably wasting your time and you should really take the time to read the articles published here so you can learn how to make real money.