Migrating the Site from Joomla to WordPress

by Internet Marketing IQ on


I’ve been dreading this… and the day has finally come. I’ve used a lot of different software over the years FrontPage, to XsitePro, to Joomla, and Now WordPress.

Why not just stick with Joomla, I love Joomla! Well the reality is that WordPress is a better blogging platform and I spend a whole lot of time blogging and writing in Forums and throughout my Blog Network so it just makes sense to standardize.

Plus I can now write more frequently in less time. The downside is I love the ease of manipulation of data with Joomla… meaning I can keep any article in any position on the category topic by simply clicking a little arrow. Oh well.

What’s in it for YOU?

I’m going to open the blog up to Comment LUV or some other plug in that gives you a little link love after I get it all figured out.

Check back soon as I hope to be up and running in a couple of days .. and you can watch this site evolve into part blog/part CMS!

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