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Here is everything you need to know about NameCheap to avoid making a terrible mistake.

1.  NameCheap is NOT a registrar – they are a reseller

2. NameCheap does NOT offer any telephone support, have a problem you had better hope that someone gets back to you via email, and that they can solve the problem before their shift ends

3. NameCheap operates out of a Mailbox Drop, they do not publish a street address

Bottom line is NameCheap is a very sketchy outfit and if you put your Web Properties in their hands you are taking a huge risk.  Simply not worth it as there are companies you can use and trust.  My recommendation is GoDaddy and NameSilo.  Both are legitimate businesses based in Phoenix Arizona.  Both offer telephone support and have legitimate street addresses.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about this NameCheap Review… NameCheap = Mistake.

If you want to know who real businesses use for their Domain Registration keep reading…

Survey says GoDaddy is top domain registrar

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

GoDaddy dominant, especially with larger domain registrars.

1,164 people answered the question “Which domain registrar do you think is best overall” on the 7th annual Domain Name Wire survey.

But some of these survey takers responded to social media requests to vote for a particular registrar, skewing the results.

If you consider all respondents, here’s how the list shakes out:

1. GoDaddy 43%
2. NameSilo 35%
3. Dynadot 9%
4. Moniker 7%
5. Fabulous 6%

I suspect most people reading this blog haven’t heard of NameSilo and may wonder how it received so many votes. The company plugged the survey on Facebook. This shows, of course, that the company has a loyal customer base.

But it will also be helpful to look at the results if you only consider people who own 500 or more domains, as this is closer to the target audience of this blog. It also weeds out a lot of the responses due to companies asking people to vote.

411 people who own a portfolio of 500 or more domains answered this particular question.

The results are striking: It’s GoDaddy and then everybody else. Fully 75% of these larger portfolio holders say GoDaddy is best. The next three, Dynadot, Fabulous, and Moniker combine for 7% of the vote.

I can think of a number of reasons GoDaddy might be so dominant with larger domainers. One that I hear from a number of domainers is that they thrive on the company’s Premium Listings service. Whereas domainers used to get 80% of their revenue from parking and 20% from sales, they’re now doing 20% from parking and 80% from sales. Sales through GoDaddy are a key driver.

And thus concludes the NameCheap Review – not a good idea!


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