NameCheap Sucks

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NameCheap Sucks

NameCheap is the worst possible domain registrar.

They are completely incompetent and offer ZERO useable tech support. Their tech support people are rude idiots, monkeys could do a better job.

If you are thinking about using NameCheap you might want to think again. What kind of company doesn’t even have telephone numbers available to their customers?  What kind of company hides behind their email address and won’t even publish their names?  The kind of company that is hiding and cheating people.  Fraudsters that’s what kind of company.

NameCheap Sucks

They completely bungled a domain transfer, then canceled my transfer, then refused to refund my money.

NameCheap Sucks

Then next they accused me of committing fraud, blocked my email address and are trying to take my domains hostage.

You would think NameCheap would want to follow through on an order and fix the problems, instead they just cut you off… steal your money and accuse you of doing something wrong.  It’s pathetic.

NameCheap Sucks!

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