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I read this post the other day and thought to myself.  Yep.  They just don’t get it.  Their front line people are a joke.  And it’s very aggravating.  You waste a ton of time.  But when you complaign in a Fourm some Paid Troll will pop up to tell you how sorry they are and how wonderful they are.  What a load of bullshit.  You can’t call NameCheap on the telehone because they don’t have a published telephone number.  What kind of business doesn’t have a telepone number for their customers?  Think about that.  They also don’t have an actual street address published. They hide behind a mailbox drop box.

Why would anyone use NameCheap when they can use a real host that provides actual telephone support?  Becaue people are dumb and believe the deceptive advertising.


Namecheap review

Namecheap is a big failure.

Your typical support chat will be waiting around for every little answer from the person on the other end who hardly comprehends English and doesn’t ever get to the point until you are already falling asleep.

They don’t really pay attention when you tell them things, and the worst of all they like to transfer you over and over to other people as stupid as them who don’t really help you with anything.

So on their website for hosting they claim that you get “Full control” with Cpanel. In this Cpanel you get “remote mysql”. When you try to run a script on your site that connects remotely to a database it returns a 110 mysql error. I contacted them and chatted for over an hour and they basically told me they block it with a firewall. So why did they advertise it and promote it in Cpanel? Why not just remove it from Cpanel? They told me they wouldn’t give me a refund because my payment was made more than 14 days ago.

Remote MYSQL is a pretty common thing, I’m surprised they even do stupid things like this. And for the price payed they should allow it, even cheaper hosts allow it…

So best advice I can give you is stay far away from namecheap, any company that scams people doesn’t deserve any kind of business.

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