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I’ve written in the past about some very good Keyword Tools.  And I had thought about creating another large review of the popular Professional Keyword Tools.  Then I thought – who trusts reviews anymore?

I could tell you exactly which tool I’m using (At the time of this article I’m using the newest version of Fabian Lim’s Keyword Research Pro), but would it even matter to you?  You probably think I’m just trying to sell a bunch of crap to you. Fact is the Google Keyword Tools (Yes there is more than one!) will give you everything you need to find the Hot Niche Keywords. Problem is you have to understand how they work and know EXACTLY what to do with them. And that topic is just very long and boring and I’m not up to writing about it right now.

3 Professional Tools for Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Pro – I own this product but I can not recommend it because I can often not use it due to the “Phone Home” feature in the license authentication.  It’s a front end to free keyword tools like Google Adwords, Keyword Discovery, and WordTracker Free.  It does not dig into anything that is not already free.
  • Keyword Country – No longer available. This is  a subscription service and will set you back a few dollars… if you compare features and prices you’ll see the value.  I like to call this one “The Keyword Tool the Real Pro’s Use”.
  • Keyword Elite – Brad’s Software has been around for awhile now and his programs work!  I am a big fan of SEO Elite and use it several times a week.  It’s my number one link finding tool.  You really can’t go wrong with Keyword Elite.

Sure you could try and do manual keyword research using Free Keyword Tools but do you know how to “Filter Down”, calculate KEI, and get to the truly effective long-tail keyword phrases manually? It takes to long… turn hours into minutes with Professional Keyword Tools.

Why not WordTracker? Because there is no data on the Back End!  If WordTracker pulled form Google then I’d give it a big thumbs up.  But it doesn’t… the data comes from MetaCrawler and Dogpile… two low volume also rans that most people do not use.

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