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This is Who I use for Link Building – Learn Why By Reading Article Below

Link: Referral Removed 2012

Why Remove this link?

Because things change over time and what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow.  It’s that simple.  The company I was using to build links did exactly what they said they would do. The problem is all those links are now meaningless because the methods they use while “White Hat” simply do not work anymore.

This is Exactly How I Build Traffic Fast for Next to Nothing

Sites need traffic and it can take several weeks of hard work to get traffic you need to start turning real profits.  You have 2 options.  Do all the work yourself or outsource it!  Below I’m going to explain to you the company I use and exactly how I outsource the work so I can get traffic fast.

Making Money by Freeing Up Your Time to Market

How many of you are like me and absolutely hate doing rote repetitive tasks?  You know bookmarking, filling out forms to submit articles, filling out directories, replying to captchas, etc?  At best it bores the hell out of me, at worst it sucks away massive amounts of time I could be using to do real “Marketing”.

How Much is Your time worth?

If you become good at online marketing you’ll recognize immediately that your time is worth a lot more creating content, writing headlines, developing sales literature, etc. than filling out forms!  You won’t make much money if you spend all your time building backlinks.

Low Cost Outsourcing that Really Works USA Based

I formed my Company almost a full decade ago.  I hate doing anything boring or repetitive.  I like writing, marketing, creating, developing.  But I’m sure as hell not going to sit around and fill out forms all day to create backlinks.  That’s just plain stupid.  And if you are making any money at all… you’ll quickly realize you’ll make a lot more if you can outsource all this “Busy Work”.

Testimonial and Endorsement

I’ve been using this marketing company now for almost 2 years.  They get the work done really fast, provide you with complete reports, and are really inexpensive.  Plus they are based in the United States.

After I create my project I have them do these 3 tasks:

  • I create an article and have them do the distribution*
  • I use them to submit to Directories for me
  • I use them to do my Social Bookmarking.

* They will create the article for a nominal fee, but I like to have complete control over my article marketing and feel that my own work is more convincing.  I believe articles should drive traffic all by themselves.  I want a powerful 1-2 punch – backlinks AND compelling text for real click through.

I have complete control over the Titles, Text, Keywords.  These guys do not create the SEO they Distribute it.  And that’s a good thing because in order to be effective you need to create the content.  I can highly recommend their work ethic, fast services, and low prices.  Give them a try and see for yourself.

Here are the Services I Order and What they Cost

  1. $10 – 150 High PR Directory Submission
  2. $12 – 55 Social Bookmarking Links from Unique Accounts
  3. $30 – Submit my Article to 100 Directories from Unique Accounts

Total Cost = $52

Potential Links – approximately 300

Now not every submission will be accepted but most of them will.  A always start with the Article Distribution and have had many of my articles indexed within 24 hours.  Articles seem to stand the test of time and deliver traffic long term.  If I believed there were truly 300 worthwhile article directories I’d pay to have them submitted to more.

This is a lot of bang for the buck and saves me a hell of a lot of time, effort, and money. And you get full reporting with the user names and emails used to create unique campaigns so you can followup on them yourself later!

Give it a try I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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