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Essential Productivity Tool – Automated Password Manager and Form Filler

Website: Password and Form Management

Online Marketers You Need this Software; Learn Why…

If you are smart (You are smart right?), you’ll realize that there is only so much you can do before you MUST MUST MUST automate. And while you may not consider the time it takes to log on and off to your websites and affiliate programs now… after you reach a 100 or more programs you will!

Now think about something that is even more important to your success. What would that be? It’s traffic, plenty of online traffic targeted directly to YOUR offer. And how to you get that traffic? Well one thing you MUST MUST MUST do is create a strong set of authoritative INCOMING LINKS.

Do you have time to create those essential backlinks? I can tell you that it’s tough to outsource QUALITY LINKS, because the average Internet Marketing Noobie doesn’t know the difference between running a quality backlinks campaing and a quantity backlinks campaign… they submit to every Directory, and to every Social Site, and to every Blog they can find. WRONG approach. You need… wait this post is not about linking… it’s about AUTOMATING… you can and should read my other articles about Link Building, but lets stick to how RoboForm can help you for now.

So you are smart (You are smart right?) and you are beginning to understand what is coming next. And that’s Form Filling… not what you are thinking probably, but here is why this tool is so essential. RoboForm allows you to create Identities for each of your websites. So as you are out creating link campaigns you can fill out all those long boring but REQUIRED forms with a few simple mouse clicks.  Find a Forum you want to join so you can place a few links?  BAM a few clicks of the mouse and RoboForm does all the grunt work for you.

With one Identity button and a few mouse clicks I’m registered, my link is posted, and I’m off to the next site. I can do in 30 seconds what would normally take 3-5 minutes. I run a huge network of sites so that time really ads up. Are you seeing the power of form filling automation now?

Increase your productivity and STOP wasting precious time! How much time do you waste doing things online that make you NO MONEY? Automation of repetitive tasks is not just the answer, it’s essential if you want to make big money marketing online.

As your online marketing business grows it becomes increasingly taxing to maintain your sites… logging on to cPanel, then to Stats, then to your Site, etc. What if you could cut the amount of time spent doing these repetitive tasks in half? You can; actually you can do better than that… you can cut it down to almost nothing. Imagine how much more productive you can be if you get back even a half hour a day?

Note: For Beginning Marketers the FREE Version should work just fine

Any serious Affiliate Marketer is going to generate a lot of passwords and have to fill out a lot of Forms (Affiliate Applications). Most affiliates waste a ton of time checking stats over and over, logging on to Forums, Blogs, cPanel, etc.

How many times a day do you log on to a password protected site? How many times a day do you check your stats? How much time do you waste doing it? It’s not uncommon for an Affiliate Marketer to waste several hours a week doing nothing more than logging in and out of sites they must access to manage their business. Why waste all that time?

Time is often your most valuable asset; don’t waste it! Password and Form Management is a real time killer. Free yourself to work on the important tasks. You don’t make money filling out forms and managing passwords.

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