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SEO Elite – Make Quick Work Your Boring Repetitive Site Promotion!

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Note: I own SEO Elite and use it several times per week. Once you learn how to take full advantage of SEO Elite you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it in the first place.  Now you might be one of the few who has not heard of SEO Elite or maybe you have heard about it but been put back by the price.  I understand.  It took me awhile to convince myself… then once I started using SEO Elite… really digging in and figuring out how to leverage the features… I was amazed of how much easier it made my job of gaining quality backlinks, the kind of links that really boost your site rankings fast. Remember when you are trying to rank your site, it’s not about the quantity of links, it’s all about the quality.  If you know a better, faster, easier way then you should do two things:  Tell me about it!!!  And buy that instead.  If not they you should get SEO Elite.

Tips on How I use SEO Elite almost Every Day:

  • Project 1: Analyze Backlinks. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to score quality High PR backlinks to your sites.  I type in the domain I want to Analyze (Usually a Competitors Site or a site that ranks well for Similar Keywords). Next I check off Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  I don’t bother with AltaVista or AllTheWeb.  Then I select the check boxes for Alexa Rank, Google PR, Website Age, Whois Info… and I let it run for 1000 results.  This can take 10-20 minutes.  What you get back is a list of sites that can be sorted by Page Rank.  You simply click on the link, go to the page, and then see if you can leave a link back to your site.  If not then move on to the next one. This is a KILLER TACTIC that really works.  And SEO Elite makes it super easy
  • Project 5: Find Where Your Site is Ranked for Given Keywords: This is really simple, click on add a site, then enter the keywords and let it run.  Again this can take 10-20 minutes so I just start it up and let it run in the background.  This helps me monitor how my linking campaigns for specific keyword phrases are ranking.  And yes you could do this manually in the search engines… but I have a hell of a lot of sites… and I don’t have time to dick around with the “long way”.

The above Project Features I use almost every single day!  The real benefit is how easy and fast I can do the grunt work that would otherwise take me hours and make me ornery and unfulfilled. If you hate “Grunt Work” as much as I do then you’ll understand that saving a couple of hours a day is more than worth it.  And yes some of you will say “Just Outsource it”.  And that’s great except I have almost 15 years experience and I have yet to find any one I can outsource to that I feel comfortable with sharing my personal “tricks”.  So I’m left to do the real work myself.

I do not chase after link trades so I do not use the built in link trading features.  But if you are brand new and your site has no incoming links it might be worth your time to do this at first. I have also used the built in Article Submitter and it’s okay; not as good as Brad’s  Premium Article Submission Software.  Project 1 alone makes this software worth owning. I know of no other software that makes “Link Planting” so easy and time saving. If you have one website maybe you could do it by hand, but if you have dozens like I do… no way in hell. Not enough time in the day.

SEO Elite makes it simple to REVERSE ENGINEER your competitors sites so you can see how they are ranking. If you want to out rank your competition you need to know why they are ranking in the first place. SEO Elite reports break down how many incoming links are from .edu, .com, .gov, etc. PLUS it tells you if they are in Yahoo, DMOZ, or Wickipedia and the exact keywords and frequency of those Keywords in the Anchor Text! POWERFUL!

Now for a run down of additional features that you can use to put your own sites in front of targeted customers.

  • Article Directory Submission Management – You write and Article and Submit it to all the Popular Article Directories with a few simple clicks. Most beginning online marketers don’t know who they should be submitting their articles to… now you will! The only downside here is some of the article directories have changed, and do not always accept the submission. Make sure you are always using the most up-to-date version of the software. SEO Elite will automatically prompt you when new versions are available – download them!
  • Find out EXACTLY why your competition is outranking you! There is no point in guessing; you need the facts. Even if you knew EXACTLY what to do… without automation these tasks would be so time consuming you wouldn’t have time to work on other critical marketing tasks. Excellent feature – take the time to watch all the tutorial videos on this section. You can easily find websites by Page Rank using a keyword, PageRank using a competitors site, or both. Extremely useful information for reverse engineering your competitions strategy so you can move past them.
  • You need links; QUALITY links pointing to your site! How are you going to find these QUALITY linking partners? Problem solved… Find the linking partners you need and monitor those links (To make sure you are not being cheated) AUTOMATICALLY. This will work well, but it is very time consuming. And yes the softare will manage your emails and automatically create links pages to upload to your site. Honestly I do not use this feature as it’s intended because the chances of getting any real quality high ranking sites to link back to you based on an automated email request (Even though you can customize the letter) is slim. I use this feature to find the links, then sort by PR, then go after the big boys by offering them something of value! I don’t bother checking back to see who is cheating, because over time a strategy based solely on numbers will just be a waste of your time.
  • Monitor your SEO Success… Do you have time to check the Big Search Engines for each of your Keywords to see if your ranking has improved; and your efforts effective? Probably not! Now you can do in a few minutes which would otherwise take hours. This is an awesome feature! Tells you where you are ranking so you can quickly and easily (Yes I said quickly and easily, because it really is) measure your efforts. You could do this manually in a few minutes, or do it this way with a few clicks… and check multiple keywords too!
  • While it’s important that your “Site” is ranked, it’s even more important that your AFFILIATE Link Pages withing your site are ranked. Use this software to see your “Deep Links”…assuring your most important pages are indexed by the Search Engines; not just your Home Page. Good feature, however I focus on overall site ranking because I have so many sites to manage. Get them in and use quality keywords in your top level navigation and you don’t need to worry too much about people finding what YOU want them to find! You should also be checking your log files to make sure the pages YOU want them to see are being found.
  • The above features are just an introduction to how POWERFUL the tools in the Software Package really are! The difference between success and failure in the Online Marketing world is measured first in your ability to generate TRAFFIC to your offering. An average individual can use this software to Skyrocket their sites ahead of the competition! It’s crazy how people will spend hours and hours in Marketing Forums each week and end up making no money for their efforts! However, if they would spend that same time using SEO Elite they could be well on their way to making a solid income. The choice is yours… the days of doing everything the old fashioned manual way are thankfully behind us. One feature I didn’t expect to use so much is the “Find Authority Sites”… simple and fast – use it!

SEO Elite – The “Right” Way to Manage Your Linking Campaigns

It doesn’t matter how great your site is, how many ads you have in just the right places, or how high the payout is on the products you sell if you don’t have traffic!!!

Skyrocketing Profits don’t just happen, you make them happen.  SEO Elite is the proven, tested, traffic generator you should use to drive highly profitable targeted traffic directly to your site. Again you could try to do this all by hand… but then you wouldn’t have enough time to do anything else. SEO is a full time job and the solo marketer simply can’t do everything. Buy the right tools for the job!

This is not an e-book; this is SOFTWARE… ingeniously designed software that will put you and your websites in front of the targeted customers you desire.

Today’s online marketing DEMANDS you must have tools to properly manage your linking campaigns otherwise you won’t get the traffic you deserve. I personally recommend this Software because it works! I own it, I use it. With an 8 week money back gurarntee and Lifetime Updates – you simply can not go wrong with SEO Elite. Go buy it… SEO Elite is a solid investment and powerful online marketing tool you’ll use over and over as you build your own online success story.

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