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Generate Backlinks with Social Bookmarking Software

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Most high ranking sites will ignore your request for a link trade no matter how well you craft your message.  Look at it from their perspective.  What is in it for them? Usually nothing.  Add to this the 1,000’s of Spam Mails a high ranking site will  get each day (97.1% of all email sent in 2008 was Spam: Source Microsoft) and the odds are really stacked against you.  Most of the time a good site will not even see your email message, let alone read it.  So what can you do?

This is where Social Bookmarking comes into play. With Social Bookmarking services you can create your own one-way backlinks.

Social Bookmarking sites are extremely powerful for generating solid incoming backlinks for ranking purposes and for actual traffic. The problem is Social Bookmarking is an incredibly time consuming task. If all you do is create an account and post one link (then don’t come back), there is a good chance your links will die. Your initial boost in traffic will look great, then just taper off.

Social Bookmarking Software Makes it Easy!

Let me introduce you to the power of Automated Bookmarking (Some of you may already know about this software). Automated Bookmarking when done correctly will help you get your site indexed quickly with minimal effort and huge time savings. Do it right and the bookmarks will stick and continue to send you traffic over time. Do it wrong, you will likely be tagged a spammer… and your ranking could actually suffer.  Time and effort wasted.

You can watch the video and learn how the tool works, but BEFORE you jump in and start creating your social bookmarks make sure you do these things.

  • Write several thoughtful well constructed Titles and Descriptions.
  • Do your Keyword Research so you pick effective “Tags”
  • Don’t use bogus names, use real names, be legitimate
  • Create Links to More than just your site*

*This will take a little extra time but it will virtually eliminate you from being labeled a spammer.

The key to Social Bookmarking is creating a valid mix of your sites and other sites.  Appear legitimate because you are legitimate.  Post a few links a day.  Post to several sites, but not all sites.  Don’t put every link to every site you own in the same post.  Automate, and replicate.  DRIP FEED YOUR CONTENT.  Automated Social Bookmarking done right = Big Money for You!

If you do what I’ve mentioned above, and create campaigns only for your sites your links may appear “Self Promotional”. After all they really are Self Promotional right? That’s okay as long as you appear natural.  Social Bookmarking sites want your links; they want you to participate, they don’t want spam.

Create Your Bookmarking Campaigns for a variety of non competitive sites at the same time. Construct well written Titles and Descriptions for those sites as well. Don’t worry about keyword research for the additional sites… just write what comes naturally. Always write naturally as if you were having a real world conversation.  Just like I’m talking to you now.  People gravitate towards natural writing because it puts them at ease. It takes more time, but you MUST create value in order to receive value.

Again this may seem like a lot of extra work, but it really makes a difference. You want to make more money right?  Then do it right.  A little extra work now and you will  greatly decrease your chances of leaving a “footprint”. It’s the “footprint” that makes your account stand out like a big target screaming for the Site Administrator to delete all your work!

Forget about Proxy. Proxy is for spammers. You do not need to make excuses for legitimate websites. Yes your IP will be recorded, but so what? You are a Marketer not a Spammer.

Yes you could do all  this work by hand, but who has time or patience to submit themselves to all the drudgery?

And yes I do use social bookmarking to promote my sites. It’s one of the most effective tools in your Online Marketing Arsenal. And one which does not require you contact other webmasters. Most people will have much greater success bookmarking their sites than asking for link exchanges.

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