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The Super Affiliate Handbook

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Notice to Skeptics: This is not some bullshit review placed here to dupe you into buying another fluffy e-book. I own this book; and anyone who has read my work knows I like to buy what I promote so I know what the hell I’m talking about. My reputation relies on it. There would be no point in pushing this book to try and make a buck if it wasn’t everything I say it is because the Author offers an 8 week money back guarantee and is very well respected among her peers.

What is the Super Affiliate Handbook and How It Can Help You

The Super Affiliate Handbook is a Step-by-Step Plan that any dedicated Affiliate Marketer can follow. This is the one Affiliate Guide that shows you exactly “How to” develop your own unique online marketing business. And it’s not about selling one type of product or service. You can sell or promote anything you want – the principals and instructions are far reaching.

Let me preface this review again with a simple matter of fact statement – I don’t recommend e-books, well almost never recommend e-books. I believe your money is best spent on software not e-books. This is the only e-book I’ve purchased in the past 5 years that really delivers – the rest of them have been over hyped junk full of misinformation and useless schemes that don’t work.

Now if you’ll allow me to explain why this is the one e-book I do recommend. And YES it’s one of the few I laid down my own cash to buy. Rosalind did not give me a promotional copy and she has not asked me to promote her book.

Rosalind Gardner is a REAL Super Affiliate. She doesn’t just push the same old “Make Money from Home” crap you find littering the Forums. She sells REAL products and REAL Services. She has been there and done that for years. In short she has EXPERIENCE, and a writing style that is easy to read.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is no lightweight. It’s several hundred pages of solid up-to-date online marketing information that YOU can actually put into practice. Rosalind shows you how she has done it step-by-step. You’ll get more ideas and learn more about Internet Marketing from this one publication than reading all the babble in a dozen of the most popular forums.

This is the “Guide” that every new online marketer should own. In fact I took my copy on a disk and had it printed and bound so I could refer to it as I worked. You should do the same. It’s about $15 to have it printed and bound at most places like OfficeMax, Kinkos, etc.

Please if you are even Slightly Skeptical

A Money Back Guarantee Like No Other

8 Weeks! That’s right use the Book for 8 Weeks and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny ask for your money back. Rosalind is not a fly-by-night operator. In fact I purchased my copy back in 2003!

Get Your Copy Today – It’s the Best Investment You Can Make In Your Own Affiliate Marketing Career.

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Internet Marketing IQ July 25, 2009 at 7:18 pm

I buy 95% of what I review. It’s really the only way to know how something works and if it’s truly worth using. If I have not bought it I’ll tell you. I endorse Book Marking Daemon… I didn’t buy it, but my partner did and so I have seen it in action and knowledgeable enough to recommend the product. Today I spent 2 hours watching the KeywordResearchPro Webinar alone. And I am not digging deeper into the tool to update my review. As you know the vast majority of reviews are nothing more than an affiliate plug rehashing the same crap that you’ll find on the actual Sales/Landing Page.

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