Xomba Sucks the Big Donkey

by Internet Marketing IQ on

Xomba Sucks

Don’t waste your time with these self righteous idiots.

The interface is horrible. You can link to nothing.  Total Waste of time.

It’s all about them, and they offer you nothing useful to help you create content.

Xomba Sucks the Big Donkey

If you think you can make money writing on their site you are the idiot.

Pathetic Adsense Share site where you will do nothing but waste your time.

If you want to do Adsense Rev Share then HubPages is really the only decent place. If you want to do a ton of writing and can’t get an Adsense Account or other Accounts then Squidoo is the place you want to be.

Xomba Sucks!

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