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Internet Marketing Tools &Strategies for the Work From Home Affiliate Marketer who wants to Make Money Online

I have shifted focus to product marketing exclusively through partners now and completely avoid information products.  It’s nice that people can sell information for big products, but most of the products now won’t help you break into affiliate marketing.  Times have changed.  Google and Bing completely control what can be found online.  Paid results are the rule not the exception.  If you think you can put up a site, focus on keyword density, and go out and build links you are wasting  your time.

The ONLY strategies which will work in today’s marketplace are Brand Building, Social Networking (To promote your brand), and PAID ADVERTISING.  If you try and rely on Organic Search Traffic YOU WILL FAIL.  It’s really that simple.  Google Search is PAID FOR.  Sure you can rank high from some exotic non-commercial term.  And maybe you are the 1 in a 1,000 that has such a unique idea or unique product niche, but if that is you then you are the exception not the rule.  I began in 1995 and I’ve watch the explosion and commercialization of e-commerce and online marketing.  It’s a brand new game and the king of the game is STRATEGY, BRANDING, and PAID ADVERTISING.

There are still “Old School” companies like Site Sell, UAW, and Search Engine News who are making a living pushing the old paradigm with a new twist.  But most are gone.

Info on the site is still kept up-to-date (For the most part).  Selecting and learning to leverage the correct Internet Marketing Tools and Strategies will allow you to actually earn a living online.  This is especially true for Affiliate Marketers who are paid not for their marketing skills per se, but for their ability to take their marketing skills and internet marketing tools and leverage them into commissions.  Affiliate Marketing is simply a form of paid commission sales.  Marketing Products is much different from Selling Products… you market first then sell.  If you want to make a solid online income working from home you must learn to master both!  In it’s simplest terms marketing is the work you do to find your customer and get them to your site.  Once your Target Audience is on your site it’ s time to implement your sales strategies. Your ability to both market and then close with the sale is what will determine your success and your ability to make money online.

Learning to earn a full-time income online is one of the most frustrating tasks new marketers face. Most will be come so discouraged they will simply quit and never enjoy the benefits of working from home. For the most part the tricks, tips, and techniques used by effective online marketers parallel the basic strategies you would learn in College Level marketing classes, not everyone has the time or resources to drop everything and head back to school.  In addition the most effective online marketing strategies are put in to place by innovative people who have “street smarts” not just “book smarts”.

Internet Marketing Tools and Strategies Jumpstart Your Marketing Plan

Learning how to create a website and chase after “backlinks” to your website is not enough. Anyone can throw up a website and make links. But not everyone will use the correct marketing strategy that pushes their sites ahead of the competition. All the Marketing Tips you read online mean nothing unless you have a strategy to implement them. A home business is not a business at all unless there is a business plan in place. Why?  Because that is exactly the same thing that everyone else is doing; having a plan for your home business is what sets you apart. time is your most valued asset and you’ll need to learn to manage it effectively if you want to be successful and work from home.  You’ll be fighting thousands of other web marketers in your niche for the same small piece of the pie.

Internet Marketing Tools & Strategies #1 – Create a Business Plan!

To be effective in Internet Marketing you must first create a business plan. Failure to plan is a plan to fail as the cliche goes.  Take the time to really outline a strategy and you’ll be creating your own blueprint for online marketing success.

While others talk the talk, I actually walk the walk.  Internet Marketing is my full time occupation.  The Internet Marketing Tools I use in my business are indispensable.  Each morning I arise with no boss to tell me when to start, what to do or how to do it.  How much money I earn working from home is entirely dependent upon my own skills and online marketing strategies which is why I love it. This sounds great right up to the point that you realize your very livelihood depends on your ability to create income.  Most people would be better off with a job and NOT pursuing a career working from home for one simple reason.  And that reason is NOT a lack of drive or desire, it’s a lack of knowledge.  Knowing what to do is every bit as important as knowing how to do it.

So dive in, spend a half hour or more and start reading.  There is a wealth of information presented here on Internet Marketing Tools and Strategies that can help you jumpstart your own business opportunities.  You’ll learn not just the “how to” but the “what to”.

Thanks for visiting Internet Marketing IQ. We wish you success in your quest to work from home and make money online… and the best way to get your own business up and running is to investigate the available Internet Marketing Tools and Strategies that I’m using and figure out how to incorporate them into your own business.

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